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Elder & Business Law - Civil Litigation

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The Law Office of Christina E. James deals with many cases in various areas of practice. We are a full service and diverse legal office equipped to help you through any situation you may face. From Elder Law to Civil Litigation, you can rest assured your case is being handled by an attorney who cares.

Hampton VA Business Services Attorney

Elder Law

Wills and Testament - A last Will documents and communicates your final wishes upon death ensuring your loved ones are properly taken care of when you are gone. You can name individuals, organizations, or charities to receive your assets or property as well as name a trustee of your estate to handle all matters.

Living Wills - In the event you become incapacitated or terminally ill, a Living Will can be a vital to describe your preferences on life saving treatment, or lack thereof.

Powers of Attorney - When a person (principal) is unable to handle their own legal or financial affairs, they may grant power of attorney to another (agent). This allows the agent to have authority to make decisions on the principal's behalf, and can be limited to one issue or can cover the broad spectrum.

Petitions for Guardian/Conservator for Incapacitated Adults - A legal guardian is a person appointed the legal authority to care for a child or incapacitated adult. Once appointed, the guardian or conservator has the full ability to act on behalf of the individual.

Hampton VA Business Services Attorney

Business Services

Business Entity Formation - The first decision to be made is the type of business entity you will need. Sole Proprietorship, Partnerships, Companies, and Organizations all have different and specific guidelines you will need to follow. Our law firm will help you to file all necessary paperwork and to understand the regulations and risks involved.

Contract/ Lease Review - Contracts and leases can be lengthy and confusing, however it is vital to fully understand any legal documents before signing. By having your contract or lease reviewed, you ensure that all interests are protected and there is no opening for liability.

Civil Litigation

Traffic Accidents - In many cases, if you've been involved in an auto accident you may be entitled to recovery compensation. When you have an experience attorney, you can focus on getting well instead of the insurance companies.

Property Damages - If your property has suffered damages due to fire, flood, storm, or contractor damage, you may be entitled to compensation to cover what you have lost.

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